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    I met Kristin my freshman year at The University of Dayton.  Although she was a couple years older, she always welcomed me in with open arms, wearing the sweetest smile.  This girl might quite possibly be the sweetest girl I’ve ever known, so you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to photograph her wedding.

    It was the most perfect day, filled with lots of love and laughter.  She was the perfect bride to work with, and her husband Grant was more helpful than any groom I’ve ever came across.

    Enjoy browsing each and every fine detail in the photos below, and future brides, I’m sure you’ll walk away inspired to plan your own wedding!



    Joe & Devin | Ohio Wedding Photographer

    My first wedding of the year was a real fairytale!  The bride and groom were head-over-heals in love and a photographer’s dream.   I think this couple & their families should write a book!   The title could be, “Tips for Wedding Day Bliss”

    Honestly.  Nobody stressed, not once.  It was amazing and beautiful how much they lived in the moment, so happily.  For example, when it rained I glanced to the bride & groom/parents to see their reaction;  they were only full of smiles & laughter.  When someone was running late, nobody flinched.  There was no yelling, no rude comments made, just pure happiness all around.  Both families were super organized and well prepared, planning many months before the wedding day, but they didn’t let it ruin their mood if something didn’t go exactly as planned.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things after spending so much time planning those little things, but when you look back on the day, it’s not the little things you’ll remember.

    As you look through these photos, you’ll notice so much happiness & love.  The photographs I take are just a capture of the real emotions that are happening in the moment; I can’t fake these moments, and I can’t force the moods you feel through the photographs.  Thank you, to the Warnecke & Schnipke family, for being so gosh darn awesome.  And thank you so so much for having me.

    Great article titled “Your Wedding Is Not A Show”:




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    schnipke-1730 E


    schnipke-1509 E

    Newborn Photography | Newborn Photographer | Northwest Ohio | Delphos Ohio

    Newborns are beautiful miracles, so pure and fragile.  During their session I like to photograph all of their sweetness; hands, feet, nose, and I always try to catch that smile.  Families take home timeless images they will treasure for a lifetime.

    This blog post shows my favorite newborn photographs over the last two years.  xoxo

    NBScarlett-210 E creamDSC_3667 ENBjace-181 E classic filmNBScarlett-209 EDSC_9976 E filmNBScarlett-217 E teaDSC_9459 E teaNBcousins-188 ENBScarlett-200 E brightNBcousins-232 E hazenbTaylor-108 ENBjace-127 E classic filmDSC_1155 ERileyNB-160-2 ENBcousins-196 ENBgia-132-2 E teaEleanorNB-121 ENBbower-106-2 ENBScarlett-215 ENBcousins-116 EnbTaylor-101 E finalHenryNB-193 E teaNBcousins-138 ENBcousins-206 ENBgia-113 EWittNB-221 E teaWittNB-227 E teanbWyatt-156-2 E teaNBmenke-189-2 E bwDSC_3678 EKnueveNB-148 E teaSadie3mo-125 E classicnbMenke-117 E hazeNBScarlett-211 ENBScarlett-205 ENBgracie-183 EEvanNB-170 E matteDSC_1198 E

    Jack’s First Year | The Baby Club, Ohio Child Photographer, Northwest Ohio Baby Photographer, Delphos Ohio Photographer

    Jack is one amazing little boy.  A lot has happened his first year of life and all I can think is how lucky he is to have such a loving & supportive family.  Here is his story:

    “Jack did not pass his newborn hearing screening in the hospital and was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss before he was two months old. He was fit for his hearing aids by the time he was four and a half months old, and because of the wonderful treatment he has received thus far at Cincinnati Children’s, we have no doubt Jack will progress right on track with his normal hearing peers.” – Jack’s Mom

    It really makes my heart happy to see Jack thriving and happy.   His big toothless smile & soft brown curls make him one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, and a true blessing to his mom & dad.  With the help of his hearing aids, aka “magic ears”, he will continue to progress in his life just like any other child.  Except unlike any other child, when he looks at you & flashes that big smile, I promise your heart will melt.

    instagram family Jack

    (Above Photo Source: W. Clark Instagram)

    matClark-105 E lavmatClark-112 E hazematClark-165 E 2matClark-136 EmatClark-171 EjackNB-203-2 EjackNB-164-3 EJack6mo-103-2 EJack6mo-107 EJack6mo-122 E1yrJack-143 E haze1yrJack-159 E1yrJack-173 E1yrJack-187 E tea