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    Jack is one amazing little boy.  A lot has happened his first year of life and all I can think is how lucky he is to have such a loving & supportive family.  Here is his story:

    “Jack did not pass his newborn hearing screening in the hospital and was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss before he was two months old. He was fit for his hearing aids by the time he was four and a half months old, and because of the wonderful treatment he has received thus far at Cincinnati Children’s, we have no doubt Jack will progress right on track with his normal hearing peers.” – Jack’s Mom

    It really makes my heart happy to see Jack thriving and happy.   His big toothless smile & soft brown curls make him one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, and a true blessing to his mom & dad.  With the help of his hearing aids, aka “magic ears”, he will continue to progress in his life just like any other child.  Except unlike any other child, when he looks at you & flashes that big smile, I promise your heart will melt.

    instagram family Jack

    (Above Photo Source: W. Clark Instagram)

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    Daniel & Paige | 8.16.14 | Ohio Wedding Photographer, Delphos Wedding Photographer, Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer

    Cheery pink flowers & a beautiful wedding gown were only a few of the many gorgeous things at this Summer Ohio wedding.  The families thought through every last detail when it came to decorating & planning, and then they did the best thing they could have done – left it all at the door.  The stress that can come along with planning a wedding can often haunt a bride and her family throughout the day, but this bride & her family did a great job of truly enjoying the day with their loved ones and not “sweating the small stuff”.  You’ll see what I mean as you browse through their wedding images below.  Pure bliss & so much love, all to celebrate the most beautiful couple becoming one.

    Enjoy this blog post & please take a second to share your comments with the bride & groom below!  xo

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    Jeanne & Jason 6-28-14 | Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer | Delphos Ohio Wedding Photographer

    A beautiful summer day celebrating two beautiful people.  Jeanne & Jason were full of joy &  love the entire day, surrounded by everyone they care about.  They were extremely wonderful to work with and I was happy to be a part of their day.  Hopefully these images bring a smile to their face as they look back on that special day that started the rest of their lives.  xoxo12346


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    Lincolnview Prom 2014


    Prom pictures from May 3rd, 2014 are online!

    Directions to order pictures:

    1. www.heather-marie.com
    2. click on the “proofing” tab at the top
    3. password is “prom2014″ all lowercase, no spaces
    4. submit your order online & turn in money to the school office
    5. orders must be in by Monday, May 12th

    Any questions, call Heather at 419-741-7022 or email hmp@heather-marie.com