Jodi + John Greco | March 22, 2014 | Youngstown Wedding | Ohio Wedding Photographer | Stambaugh Wedding

    The majestic beauty of this wedding was an amazing experience.  John and Jodi, full of love and happiness, had their wedding at one of the truly most beautiful venues I have had the pleasure of shooting.  The laughter and love spilling out from one guest to the other is evident in these images.  The elegance of the beautiful bride and the handsome stature of the groom beam out of each picture.  All of the loved ones of Jodi and John made this a truly remarkable day.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos I have posted and I wish nothing but complete happiness for Jodi and John for the rest of their days.

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    6 Month Babies | Delphos OH Child Photographer, Northwest OH Photographer, Ohio Family Photographer, Natural Light Photography OH, Studio Photography OH

    6 month is my favorite stage of a little one’s life.  At 6 months they’ve usually mastered sitting up on their own, they put anything & everything into their mouth, and they have a bazillion different cute facial expressions.  Clothes look super cute on their little bodies, and they can still fit into everyday household objects (pots, bowls, etc.)

    2014 started off great with a whole lot of 6 month babies.  These pictures speak for themselves.





    Cleveland, OH | Newborn Session | Northwest Newborn Photographer

    Traveling for photo sessions is one of the many bonuses to this job.  This particular job led me & my assistant Chelsee to Cleveland, OH to photograph a very special little girl.  She comes from a very beautiful family, where her parents are the true definition of soul mates.  You can see the love in their eyes and the happiness this little girl has brought them.  Chelsee and I couldn’t wait to get our hands on her!

    So we packed up the car with everything necessary for a newborn shoot.  The posing bag, the lights, backup lights, camera, blankets, and….you get the gist.  Although the car was packed to the brim, and planning for this trip was a job in itself, it was a fantastic experience.  The photos below speak for themselves.  Enjoy!


    Since daddy plays for the Cleveland Browns, this shot was a must.


    Newborns | Northwestern Newborn Photographer

    Newborns have been extra snuggly this past year!  After finishing a few online classes in late 2012 I applied many new techniques to each newborn session I had, and now newborn photography is a passion of mine (and sort of an obsession!).  I can’t. get. enough of it.

    Newborn photography is like nothing else in the photography world.  It’s an art of it’s own, and the possibilites to make beautiful pieces of art is endless.  Not everyone can be a newborn photographer, but I have noticed that anyone who does it, pours their heart and soul into it.  I am now one of them!  I love everything about it!

    Each newborn session is different but one thing is the same…we always end up with beautiful images of the precious boy or girl.  I so passionately love the art of capturing these little ones so early on in their life, get excited to view the images after each & every session, and only hope to grow my techniques more with experience.

    The first image here compares my first ever newborn session from 2012 and the one of my most recent newborn sessions in 2013.  Everyone’s got to start somewhere!   Enjoy the sweetness in the images below!   XO