Jeanne & Jason 6-28-14 | Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographer | Delphos Ohio Wedding Photographer

    A beautiful summer day celebrating two beautiful people.  Jeanne & Jason were full of joy &  love the entire day, surrounded by everyone they care about.  They were extremely wonderful to work with and I was happy to be a part of their day.  Hopefully these images bring a smile to their face as they look back on that special day that started the rest of their lives.  xoxo12346


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    Lincolnview Prom 2014


    Prom pictures from May 3rd, 2014 are online!

    Directions to order pictures:

    2. click on the “proofing” tab at the top
    3. password is “prom2014″ all lowercase, no spaces
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    5. orders must be in by Monday, May 12th

    Any questions, call Heather at 419-741-7022 or email


    The Lonely Boquet | Ivy Hutch, Delphos OH

    Flowers are an elegant, beautiful way to show your loved one, co-worker, friend, or family member that you care.  The right shade of pink can brighten up an otherwise bland dining room table and you can’t go wrong with adding a small bouquet of short-stemmed beauties to your kitchen.  People *will* find pleasure in their beautiful scent no matter where they are placed throughout your home or office.

    A beautiful girl in Delphos, business owner Ashley Etzkorn, has a passion for flowers and puts together some of the most gorgeous wedding bouquets I’ve ever seen.  She is the go-to florist for every young bride at her quaint flower shop, Ivy Hutch, and sells beautiful, thoughtful gifts for every occasion.  Her latest idea has her spreading joy to one lucky guy or gal in our small town of Delphos, this Saturday.  It is called The Lonely Boquet…details are below.  xoxo

    “The lonely bouquet is designed to inspire kindness and to pay it forward. The idea of the lonely bouquet is to make a beautiful floral arrangement and leave it somewhere downtown Delphos for a local to discover, take home and enjoy. Then we ask the recipient to take the blank card attached to the arrangement, write a note of kindness and send it to someone who could use a little pick me up. This is our way to send smiles to unexpected people in the community. We are going to put our first “Lonley Bouquet” out on Saturday!”  ~Ashley Etzkorn (Owner at Ivy Hutch)

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    If you haven’t already, check out her shop!   Ivy Hutch  |  666 Elida Ave, Delphos OH 45833  |  419-692-2222  |  xoxo

    Jodi + John Greco | March 22, 2014 | Youngstown Wedding | Ohio Wedding Photographer | Stambaugh Wedding

    The majestic beauty of this wedding was an amazing experience.  John and Jodi, full of love and happiness, had their wedding at one of the truly most beautiful venues I have had the pleasure of shooting.  The laughter and love spilling out from one guest to the other is evident in these images.  The elegance of the beautiful bride and the handsome stature of the groom beam out of each picture.  All of the loved ones of Jodi and John made this a truly remarkable day.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos I have posted and I wish nothing but complete happiness for Jodi and John for the rest of their days.

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